Toolflex - Company profile

TOOLFLEX is a company specialised in the manufacturing of flexible abrasives for the material removal and the surface finishing of metals and alloys, in particular lamellar wheels with abrasive cloth and lamellar wheels with abrasive non-woven fabric.
The company was born from the will/desire to respond to the needs related to the planning and construction of system and equipment for the glazing.
Based on more than 40 years of knowledge of the process connected to the production and finishing of pipes in stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel and high quality steel bars, having cutting edge    / innovative manufacturing technologies and considerable flexibility, TOOLFLEX can meet the demands of its numerous customers.
Continuous research and experimentation have allowed TOOLFLEX to obtain, over the years, numerous patents for flexible abrasive tools.
The company is among the leading manufactures in the sector thanks to the research and development, as well as product quality.

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